Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Production Blog IV: Storyboarding II

Back on track with the new episode, but the Storyboarding is going a little slower on this episode as it's a little more complicated than usual. At the moment the board is about half done, but probably rougher than normal, which might slow things up when I go to clean up the poses in animation.

Below is me drawing one of the poses for the current board. I draw these poses quite rough and quick, and one like this I might actually stick to quite closely when I clean it up.


Renato Vargas said...

I used your approach to storyboarding when doing a little 36 seconds sequence of a dancing baby. But I found out that when cleaning it, one practically has to do it all over again; like tracing it. I found it a bit time consuming. Did I do it correctly? And, how do you keep your line thickness consistent when zooming in and out at the time of drawing using the brush tool?

7:06 PM  
A + P said...

Yeah, there is a bit of redoing when cleaning up, but that's what it's all about - you can't really do your best stuff straight up, you need to get down a rough version first. As for line thickness, I just change pen sizes and do it manually - although another programme I am getting into now, Toon Boom Solo, always has the same line regardless of zooming in or out.

6:26 PM  
Renato Vargas said...

Heheh, just when I'm getting the hang of flash, everyone's switching to TB. Thanks for the answer and keep up the great work. I truly think you and Phillips are the most influential web animators of our time.

9:32 PM  

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